Soundtrack Review: LOGAN

The latest and last Hugh Jackman “Wolverine” movie, LOGAN, was released to the world on 3 March 2017 and has since received nothing short of great praise (IMDB gives it an 8.7 of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes a 92%).

And as is the case with most hit movies there’s a hit soundtrack behind it. LOGAN is no exception.

The entire wordless soundtrack, by Marco Beltrami, is a rollercoaster of audio emotions. I hadn’t seen the movie at the time of writing this (not unusual, I have a house full of kids to help tend to) so I’m not jaded by the actual movie when I say it’s an emotional rollercoaster in your ears.

I’ll also say it’s one of the few non-vocal soundtracks that you could do a good cardio workout too. I know as I accidentally did just that when clicking through my music the other day on the treadmill. Damn, that was a great workout.

There are a few slower songs in the mix of the 25 but the mental response to is the same; wonderful and deep. Such is the case listening to “Gabriella’s Video,” it’s nothing short of thought-provoking.

My favorite song on the tracklist is “Alternate Route to Mexico” though I’m also quite fond of the opening “Main Titles,” both of these are full of energy and rather motivating too.

In the end, I’m slicing this one up as a 4.5 out of 5 claws.

BONUS  Not to be left out, I also offer the song accompanying many of the trailers for LOGAN, Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.”

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