Buddhist Boot Camp

I was recently recommended a book from my brother-in-law after he and I were discussing the future; more exact, my future after my military retirement. I told him that we (the family) were looking to slow way down in our daily life. His eyebrows raised a little; “Have you ever read Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye?” he asked.

Not only had I not read it, nor heard of it, but the name alone with the words boot camp in it was a quick way not to get me to read it. He assured me it wasn’t military related, and it’s not. We’ll chalk this up to an unfortunate naming convention for those looking to move on.

Nonetheless, I borrowed his copy and read it. And I’m rereading it, again. My wife bought us a copy after only reading it halfway through. It’s only 142 pages and goes quickly. But in the time it takes you to read it all the way through you indeed can have a life-changing outlook on who you are and your place in this world (and where you want to fit).

I’m not insinuating that you’ll be wearing Buddhist robes or anything when you’re done reading it (though with some good music in the background you may want to- I’m sure they’re comfy). No, but I do believe that you too may have a different outlook on the world and your attitude towards it (and your love life, children, and strangers).

Give it a shot; I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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